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Full Length Podcasts

Discussing the world of entertainment and geekdom, with Lou, Tim and Lizzie.

The week’s entertainment news in a “microcast” format (about 10 minutes per episode.

Two lifelong friends, April and Jay, try to maintain a long-distance friendship while navigating their mid-30s and find interesting things to talk about. Unfortunately for the most part, they just have no ideas.

Join Erik, Keri, and Mike as they work their way through the mainstream superhero movies, discussing impact on pop culture, their favorite moments, and more!

Join Tim and Tom as they conduct a fun, insightful, and sometimes somber episodic review of the highly acclaimed and award-winning series from HBO, Band of Brothers. If you’ve never watched it before or you’ve watched it 101 times, pull it up on HBO or buy the series on disk and watch along with us.


The latest Star Wars news, with Lou, Erik and Tim

Got fandom confessions? You’re not alone! Join the Fangirls as we discuss the things that we love.  With Lizzie, Shannon and Andrea.

Discussion about various aspects of entertainment and pop culture, ranging from silly to serious.

All things MCU! Movies, TV, news and more!  With Tim, Liz, and Jon.

A long-form movie discussion, featuring Tim and Lizzie.

A weekly podcast focusing on James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse! Join hosts Erik, Lou, Andrea, and Shannon as they break down the bestselling The Expanse books, the critically-acclaimed Syfy series, and more. Suit up and strap in as we go deeper into the big empty!

Microcasts and Audio Blogs

Erik’s thoughts on various Star Wars topics, including book reviews, character insights, and more.

Five-minute, spoiler-free reviews of the latest theatrical and home video releases by various hosts.

Erik’s thoughts on movies, television, tech, geekdom, the entertainment industry, and more.

Old Podcasts


logo_SHIELD_300Discussion and Commentary on the ABC television series Marvels Agents of SHIELD and related comic books with Jay and Josh

Our Fan Focus show!  Join your host Chris McGuffin as he talks to different people from a wide variety of fandoms within entertainment and pop culture! Each episode will feature a different guest (or guests) who will be there to discuss a particular topic, an event or website they are involved in/promoting, or just to geek out with Chris!

CrashcuochiconA Random Chatter podcast covering the SyFy series The Expanse, based on the book series, of the same name, by James S. A. Corey.  With Chris, Lou and Andrea.

chordcasticon2A podcast for music lovers, featuring reviews, discussion, stories, and interviews from artists both new and old with Chris and Joelle

Our award nominated round table discussion show about Star Wars Rebels.  Join Mike, Lindsey, and Ernie every week for a dissection of each episode, theories, and predictions for the future of our heroes.

logo_GreenJustice_300Discussion and commentary on the CW Television series Arrow and the Green Arrow comic books with Jay and Josh

Outer Rim HorizThe Random Chatter podcast for Star Wars news with Chris

trc_logo_1400-001A podcast about the nostalgic things you love, and so do we!  Sit with us as we talk about the nostalgic things that changed our lives and yours as well.  We will be having conversations on Video Games, TV Shows, Cartoons, Movies and muc more!  With Raul, Mike, Ernie and Randy.  You can still find them at

A podcast covering all aspects of Star Wars gaming, including video games, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures games and more.  Each episode covers the latest Star Wars gaming news, as well as in-depth discussions on how to get the most out of your gaming experience.  With Lou, Mike and Nate

logo_flash_300Discussion and commentary on the CW television series The Flash and The Flash comic books with Jay and Josh

Thirsty for quenching science fiction discussion? Visit the Sci-Fi Pubcast, a podcast offering only the finest galactic libations with the odd prescient point being made. Come for a drink. Stay for the speculation. Hosted by Joel, Derek and Keri.